Amazing Pass: Noodle Delirium (Delirious Frites) in Quebec, Canada


Noodle Delirium or Delirious Frites is amazing public space installation located in Quebec, Canada. It is crated by a group of talented designers – Les Astronautes. It was made with only pink and orange pool noodles in passage between two buildings.

Imagine to get through this before you go to work. It would be refreshing, wouldn’t it?

The places creates a totally awesome environment that throws passers-by into absolutely different world.
The name Delirious frites comes directly from the pool noodles used for the installation, which are called “frites de piscine” or “pool French fries” in French.

Delirious frites was built as part of Les passages insolites, a public art festival curated by EXMURO.


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